Virtual Hypnosis

All online virtual hypnotherapy sessions can be done in the comfort of your own home. Sessions are conducted over via Zoom.  A free new client consultation will be conducted prior to a hypnosis session for first time clients, and are 30 minutes in length. Hypnosis sessions are 50-60 min.


  • Please turn off all electronic devices during the session.
  • Pets, children and other adults should not be present during a session.
  • Notify household members you will be in session and request the need for privacy and quiet.
  • Find a comfortable place in your home: either a couch, recliner or bed along with pillows and blankets.
  • Keep a glass of water nearby
  • Headphones, earbuds, or a handsfree device is preferred and highly recommended to use during the session. Speakerphone is not recommended.
  • A laptop/tablet is preferred and highly recommended to use during the session.
  • If you would like to play binaural beats in the background during a session, I recommend one of these options below. You can also download an app from the app store and play on your phone.

how a virtual session works

Virtual/online sessions are conducted via Zoom (audio and video). It is HIGHLY recommended to join Zoom via a laptop/tablet with headphones.  Please ensure you have a solid WiFi or data connection prior to your appointment to help avoid technology glitches and ensure a productive virtual session. 

  1. Your mobile phone/laptop/smart watches/devices: Please have your ringer and alerts set to silent mode (not vibrate mode).
  2. Zoom: You will receive a meeting link prior to your session. It is helpful to download the app to your device prior to the session. It will require a password that is included with the link. Give yourself about 5 minutes to log in.
  3. Laptop / Tablet: the use of a laptop / tablet will be needed for the session. If you plan to use a tablet, please ensure it has a stand/ability to prop up the device so it’s hands-free. Mute (not vibrate mode) the volume on the laptop/tablet during the session. Close any additional windows for applications that may give an alert, like Facebook or email.
  4. Hands-free audio: Headphones, earbuds, or a handsfree device preferred and highly recommended to use during the session. Speakerphone is not recommended.
  5. Once our session begins, we will work through setting up how the laptop/tablet should be positioned so that I can see your face during the session. We will work together to ensure that the technology won’t get in the way of a productive session. Setup typically takes a few minutes at the beginning of our session and then again right before the hypnosis portion begins.
  6. Keep a glass of water, pillows, and a blanket nearby to use for comfort. Your body temperature may go up or down in hypnosis. Drinking water before and after your session is recommended.