KK, Washington

Biggest breakthrough to date. Lindsay Clegg you are nothing short of a bad ass! I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. What you did for my SOUL last night was awakening. I was stuffed, bottled, closed and I didn’t even know it. Your assessment of my needs was on point, and your process was not only awakening but also inspirational. You helped me remove concrete blocks the size of cars, and you helped me merge into the version of myself that I see in my mind. I feel open and raw. I feel like anything is possible when yesterday I was doubting so many things. You told me that you saw me holding onto a rope and I was climbing and climbing but not getting anywhere, you saw that.. That is exactly how I felt inside.. like no matter what I did, I never got anywhere. You saw spirit guides that were there to protect me that no longer served me because they weren’t allowing me to see the blocks I needed to remove in order to heal and move forward toward my path. I spoke with Marge Rhodes this morning and one of the first things she said to me was,” You’re holding onto a rope so tightly, you need to release it in order to receive the things you want.” I was so blown away, I immediately broke down into tears. I mean a BIG FAT UGLY CRY! with no provocation. But when I was done crying, I felt such a huge release. my heart is open, I have so much energy and I cant stop laughing today. I feel like I should feel. Like I’ve always wanted to feel.. So I thank you Lindsay Clegg…. I am so grateful for your time and effort. I also thank ME.. I did a shit ton of work in the last 24 hours, and I’m taking a moment to celebrate this WIN!